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Compiling AIOPSL "Hello World" for LS1088ARDB with Yocto

Question asked by on Jan 14, 2019
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Hi All,


I am trying to compile apps in aiopsl/apps at integration · qoriq-open-source/aiopsl · GitHub 


What is the easy way to compile (surely cross compile) and run the AIOPSL "Hello World" app on Linux distro created with Yocto on LS1088ARDB ?

I have created a eSDK from my Yocto build, but it seems the headers for AIOPSL is not included in my toolchain. For example, I could not find following headers in my eSDK.


#include "common/fsl_string.h"
#include "fsl_sys.h"
#include "fsl_dbg.h"

#include "apps.h"