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MC9S12DG128 with cosmic compiler and Hitop JProbeS12 debugger

Discussion created by ian lovatt on Jan 7, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2009 by kef
Sorry for such a vague description but I can't see where to begin
with this, Any help or clues will be greatly appreciated!

I am having problems running code from flash. I have a project which
compiles fine and runs in the hitop debugger but does not seem to run
when the header is disconnected and the board is powercycled.

I can get a minimal program which turns on LEDs and sits in a while
(1) until the watchdog kicks in to work fine. I've just stuck this
test code at the start of main (after configuring watchdog and INITEE
etc.). The LEDs flicker periodically which i assume is the program
resetting. This works fine when powercycled and run away from the

If I try place the test code after a call to a function from the
project(@near or @far) then when the watchdog expires the program
doesn't seem to restart, the LEDs power off and don't come back on
again. Powercycling it away from the debugger doesn't work either,
the LEDs remain off.

Any ideas?