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QN9080 - How to set Bluetooth Device Name

Question asked by Rick Dickerson on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Rick Dickerson

Is there any way to change the Bluetooth device name at run time? I have a fixed string string defined in gatt_db.h with the gBleSig_GapDeviceName_d characteristic, but I would like to use a portion of the Bluetooth address in the device name. The address changes for each device, so a fixed string won't work for my application.

I tried writing the NVDS_TAG_DEVICE_NAME to NVDS, but the nvds_put function is returning a NVDS_NO_BACKUP_SPACE_AVAILABLE result. The device name has to be written in flash somewhere, but I am not sure where so I can't modify it.


My device name characteristic is marked as writable so I have also tried writing the device name using LightBlue Explorer. The written device name is persistent between connections, but not between power cycles. 


Can anyone provide some guidance on how to customize the Bluetooth device name for each device?