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CCSProtocolPlugin : Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain

Question asked by Anshul khare on Jan 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Yiping Wang

Hello All

i am currently Working with T2080RDB Board using CodeWarrior V10.5.1 ,
earlier i was able to Download and Debug with CodeWarrior TAP on the T2080RDB Board.
but now when i am tryig to Download or Connect the CodeWarrior TAP with Board,
i am getting a error message "CCSProtocolPlugin : Failed to correctly configure the JTAG chain". (Please check attachment)
To resolve this i have tried with different JTAG Chain Configuration for T2080RDB Board availlable in
but still issue didnt get resolved .
if any body can help on this that would be helpful for me..

Thank you