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Access DA7212 from K66

Question asked by Aaron Minner on Jan 12, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by Kerry Zhou

Board: FRDM-K66F

Environment: MCUXpresso, SDK 2.5

Debugger: JSegger


Hi!  I'm new to MCUXpresso - though not to Eclipse - and I was able to get the "SAI Interrupt Record Playback" driver example to work by creating it as a new project importing that sample code.  But if I try to create a blank new project and use the Peripherals and Pins pages to select and configure pins and import devices, etc, I can't get it to work without cutting and pasting a bit from the other project's "board.c" and "board.h", as well as manually importing the "codec" folder and setting the SDK_I2C_BASED_COMPONENT_USED and BOARD_USE_CODEC environment variables.  Is it supposed to be that manual-labor intensive to access the DA7212 in a new project?  The SDK management tool is pretty nice, but it doesn't seem to have any support for "codec" in general, or the DA7212 in particular.  Like I said, I got it to work, but if I'm doing it the wrong way, I'd appreciate some insight into the correct way.