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EBI of MPC5777M

Question asked by kaizhu du on Jan 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by kaizhu du

     The reference manual of MPC5777M describe that EBI is supported on the BGA512 package,but not supported on the BGA416 package.  MPC5777M Hardware Design Guide also describe that in the second page of the document, but in the 25 page of MPC5777M Hardware Design Guide,  in the EBI pads configuration table  describle that EBI  is supported  on both BGA416 package and  BGA512 package.  on the I/O signal description table(excel file) , both BGA416 package and  BGA512 package include EBI signals, and on both the schematic of MPC5777M-416DS and MPC5777M-512DS , EBI is supported.

    these informations are  not compatible each other ,  I want to know EBI of MPC57777M?