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ping problem with T104XD4RDB

Question asked by zhazha on Jan 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2019 by zhazha


     I have a problem with T104XD4RDB:

The RTOS:vxworks6.9

U-boot is the default version by factory.

I can ping under U-boot,but can't under vxworks6.9  .

The relative ends are ETH0-ETH2(memac4,memac5,memac3). SerDes1 protocol is 0x66,namely,MEMAC4,MEMAC5 is RGMII,and MEMAC3 is SGMII. I check the phy address ,0x4(memac4),0x5(memac5),0x1(memac3). 

1) under vxworks,using ifconfig command ,the memacX's status is UP RUNNING  ,but can't ping OK(only with tx packets,no RX packet).

2) I also check the IF mode (offset 0x300)and IF staus register(0x304) of FMAN, it's link status and speed is correct.


3 )  and also add printf in the phy read to check the PHY(RTL8211E) 's register, the relative link status and speed is also correct.


can anyone give me some suggestions? or give me the direction for digging out the problem.