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P1021 bug on eLBC Bus Access not solved with P1021CE Chip Errata REv. N 06/2017 eLBC-A001

Question asked by Roberto Perez on Jan 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by ufedor

Good morning:

We are having problems like file corruptions that impact in startup as well as erroneous reading of data in NOR flash. The problems arise when there is an access to NAND flash (FCM mode) prior to an access to NOR flash (GPCM mode). Both memories share the elbc bus but use different modes. The problem seems different to the one described in p1021ce Chip Errata REv. N 06/2017 eLBC-A001 since we apply the workaround without success. In fact if we stop applying this workaround a lot of new error arise in the startup.


We include a document describing all the tests carried out. I think the oscilloscope pictures (included in this document) describe very well the problem.

We are applying for some recommendations to avoid this problem.


Thank you and best regards