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Redirect SHELL GETCHAR to custom implementation missing?

Question asked by Roberto Quilez on Jan 11, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Roberto Quilez

In the previous version, a nice feature that now is missing was to redirect the GETCHAR (SHELLReveiveDataCallBack) to a custom implementation. For instance, this enabled to implement a GETCHAR version with a SHELL freertos task in SUSPENDED STATE while waiting for a character. 


Is there a way to redirect the GETCHAR to a custom application as before with the new SDK shell version?


By the way, the SHELL in SDK 2.5.0 documentation (MCUXpresso SDK API Reference Manual_MK66F18.pdf) does not match the source code.


Documentation refers to : 

SHELL_Init(&user_context, SHELL_SendDataCallback, SHELL_ReceiveDataCallback, "SHELL>> ");

When the SDK source code:


    shell_status_t SHELL_Init(shell_handle_t shellHandle, serial_handle_t serialHandle, char *prompt);