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SSP Demo Example is failing at buffer verify for LPC 1837

Question asked by Srikanth Medisetty on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2019 by jeremyzhou



    I am using LPC 1837 controller and using Expresso IDE.I am trying to run the SSP demo example for SPI on two LPC boards.Following are my connections for that


Board 1:

    =>Configured as Master.

    => P1.5 as SSEL which is connected to SSEL on other LPC 1837 board.

    => PF.4 as SCK1 which is connected to SCLK on other LPC 1837 board.

    => P1.4 as MOSI which is connected to MISO on other LPC 1837 board.

    => P1.3 as MISO which is connected to MOSI on other LPC 1837 board.


Board 2:

    =>Configured as Slave.

    => P1.5 as SSEL

    => PF.4 as SCK1

    => P1.4 as MOSI 

    => P1.3 as MISO 


     When I am running the demo application on both the boards and I am getting always buffer_verify() failure.Do I need to do anything beyond these connections or anything to be added in the code.