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i.MX6UL Flash Loader to Store SDK Example Program

Question asked by Dennis Jelcic on Jan 10, 2019
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We are using the I2C example in the MCUXpresso SDK.  It requires two NXP boards, a master and a slave, in order to demonstrate the communication.  Using IAR and an I-Jet debug pod, we can compile and run the "I2C Master" code on the master board, or the "I2C Slave" code on the slave board.  We only have one IDE license and debug probe, and cannot run the software on both boards using the debugger.


We are using the bare metal version of the SDK.  I cannot find any documentation that shows how to update the boot flash on the slave board so that it can run the I2C slave code upon boot-up.


I have found a flash loader binary file that appears to be compatible with our board.  It is located at the following path: IAR\EW 8.1\arm\config\flashloader\NXP\FlashIMX6UL_EVL_QSPI.out


Is there any documentation available that describes how to update the boot flash on the slave board?  If so, can someone please point me to this documentation?


Here are the versions of the hardware and software that we are using:


    Processor Kit:   MCIMX6UL-EVKB
    Base Board:      MCIMX6UL-BB
    Processor Board: MCIMX6UL-CM
    Processor:       MCIMX6G2CVM05AA


    IDE: IAR Embedded Workbench 8.30.1
    Debug Probe: IAR I-jet
    MCUXpresso Software Development Kit (SDK) Release Version: 2.2.0


Thank you for any help you can provide.


Dennis Jelcic