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whether QN9080C be woken up by USB interrupt in PD mode 0?

Question asked by Hong jiachen on Jan 10, 2019
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• Power down 0
All peripheral clocks and all clock sources are switched off keeping only the 32 kHz clock running, RTC timer is still running.
Arm CPU is in deep sleep mode, BLE controller is in deep sleep mode and it can wake-up the entire chip if BLE in case of
BLE events.
Possible wake up sources: BLE Core, RTC, GPIO, CapSense, ACMP


The above is taken from the section of the Low-power library chapter in the Connectivity Framework Reference Manual, which does not indicate that the PD0 mode wakeup source includes USB;


The question is whether QN9080C be woken up by USB interrupt in PD mode 0?


if the answer is YES,How to configure the corresponding register?


ps:I have implemented USB-related functions in the normal wake-up state, but once the chip enters PD0, it cannot wake up from USB interrupt;


Thanks a lot!