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Using alternate USB_OTG1_ID on MXMRT1052

Question asked by Sylvio Alves on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2019 by Jian Li



We have implemented in our device a generic HID USB application as from SDK example.

We also have been using the MXMRT1052 EVK board.

It all works as expected.


However, we have another custom board that is very similiar to EVK board, except that the USB_OTG1_ID (GPIO_AD_B0_01 pin) was left floating.

It is no possible to access this pin due to IC package.


I read that the USB_OTG1_ID is available at GPIO_AD_B1_02 and this pin is accessible in this custom board.

1) Can I use this alternate pin as ID for my current project?

2) I could not find on USB source code and includes the proper place to tell sub driver to use this alternate pin. I have tried looking for PORTSC and other registers but no success. What would be the proper way to reallocate that?




Sylvio ALves