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Board to Board communication

Question asked by Benedikt Schwarz on Jan 10, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2019 by Daniel Martynek


I need two S32K144-Board to communicate with each other by toggling a PIN, so that the routine I need on both boards can be synchronized. This doesn't work like I want to and I guess reading the PIN doesn't work. 
I am using the PINs PTC14 (as input) and PTC3 (as output).

So as far as I know the code should just look like the following:


            PTC->PSOR |= 1<<3;


            if(PTC->PDIR & (1<<14)){

                  //do something


Still this doesn't work like expected. PTC is high but PTC 14 doesn't recognize this. Do I need some kind of shared ground potential to get this working (-> how?) or am I getting something wrong with the implementation?