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Capturing not working in 5777C controller

Discussion created by maddula rajesh on Jan 9, 2019

Earlier we had used MPC5554 controller in our application, recently we had changed to MPC5777C controller. In our application we are using ETPU for capturing, compare and PWM applications.
We had used the 5554 controller ETPU micro code image as it is (with out any change) in 5777C controller. In this case Compare and PWM applications are working fine and capturing is not working. During testing observed as capturing Event Handling(tdla/tdlb/m1/m2) threads are not coming.

Is 5554 controller ETPU code can be used directly for 5777C controller?
Is there any specific instruction to be added w.r.t 5777C controller for input capture?
ETPU B channels are using
1) Channel 0 & 1 are used for PWM functionality
2) Channel 2,3,4 & 5 are used for Output compare functionality
3) Channel 6,7,8 used for zero crossing detection functionality

Please kindly suggest how to resolve the issue.

URGENT as project held up because of this issue.