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Link error of OSEK demo project in Codewarrior Ver2.2 for MPC55xx

Discussion created by In seok Park on Jan 6, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2009 by Park Jin Su
Dear all,

I have some problems in using OSEK-OS for MPC55XX.

I tried to start from the demo project that is included in Codewarrior Ver2.2 for MPC55xx.

The project is located in {codewarrior path}\(CodeWarrior_Examples)\OSEKturbo\ostmpc55xx\standard\mpc5554

When I just build the project, I found Link error message as follows

"Link Error : 'os.o': Can not mix BSS section '.bss' with non-BSS section '.ostext' in linker command file."

Is there anybody that know why this demo project doesn't work?

Thank you,
Have a nice day