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i.MX6Q, QNX, MediaLB, clocks

Question asked by Andrey Shvetsov on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 31, 2019 by Andrey Shvetsov

I use the i.MX6Q SABRE for Automotive Infotainment to develop a MediaLB driver
for the QNX Neutrino 6.6.0


The BSP is


I can access the DIM2 IP using its register wall and it responses according to
the DIM2 manuals.


To let the DIM2 IP to lock to the INIC (a MediaLB master) over the 6 pin
interface, the clocks mlb150_clk and pll6 must be activated.


Does anybody have an idea how to achieve this?  Which changes must be done in
the BSP to activate those clocks?  Any code examples are appreciated.