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Reading CREG locks up LPC4357

Question asked by Cameron LaFollette on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by Hui_Ma

I'm using LPC4357 with Keil, and when I view the contents of CREG (in either the memory viewer or the system viewer) the MCU locks up and I get the error "Could not halt Cortex-M device". It seems to be most sensitive to views in the USB0FLADJ  and USB1FLADJ regions, because I can view lower regions of CREG with the IDE only complaining about not being able to access some these memory locations. I can't tell if it's going off into the weeds, or actually locks up, but the LED's stop flashing for a Blinky example, and requires a power cycle to be able to connect to the LPC again. 


We are investigating the Keil side.  Is there anything on the NXP side that would cause this behavior?