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LPC11c24 LPC open example CAN not receiving messages

Question asked by mat ric on Jan 9, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2019 by mat ric

Dear community,


I am testing two LPC11c24 evaluation boards CAN BUS.

To do so, I have connected the units CAN_H,CAN_L, powered VCC and loaded the LPCopen CAN example on both boards.

In the loaded LPCOpen example the two boards should respond to each other messages thereby transmitting continuosly however this does not happen, as only the first "starting message is sent then nothing else happens.

By using a Can analyzer I can see that messages are being sent successfully by both boards when they are started up, however they do not react at each other, it seems they cannot receive at all messages.

I am saying this because I have put a breakpoint inside the Rx interrupt routine and the program never stops there (this for both boards).


in short

-The code is from LPCopen library for 11c24, so I assume it should be fine

-Boards are plugged in the right way since the CAN analyzer is receiving the correct messages.

-Their CAN is properly configured as messages are transmitted

-Something is wrong with message reception.


Any idea on what could cause this problem?