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Multiple questions: single Click shield? Adding supplemental power? Quickest way to see supported Click boards?

Question asked by Barry Klein on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by Eric Maurice

I think the Lin Hall Click board can be modified using a split ferrite toroid to act as a current sensor.  Depends if the sensor is similar to the SS49E.  A 3 bay adapter makes it unnecessarily "klunky".  If just SPI interconnects and voltage a simple board should do it - is there one, like for the Raspberry Pi?

What is the quickest way to see if this and other Click boards are supported in Studio - someone warned me that some are not supported.  Another way is to use a DAC Click board and have the current probe separate.

How do I judge the battery life for something like this?  Is there somewhere to just add an external battery so no worries?  For a data-logging app this thing would be running at least overnight.