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How to solve getting Error 2203 during  MCUXpresso IDE install

Discussion created by Bob Paddock on Jan 8, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by jorge_plascencia

I wanted to install the latest version of MCUXpresso.  

For hours the site said "license server offline, come back later".
It is free software, why is that needed?

When it finally came back up:


First the download accelerator would not download using Chrome because of running uMatrix JavaScript blocker, so had to switch to Firefox to install this software, that I don't actually want.


Then it won't run. :-(


Getting errors about not being able to access some Windows Database with error codes like -2147287037 (0x80030003) and 2203.


The bottom line is that the system environment variables  TEMP and TMP were not pointing to their Windows default values.  After setting them to the defaults, rebooting, then the download accelerator and the IDE, they both installed.


My system has spinning rust for drive C:\ and a SSD for everything else such as where I point TEMP and TMP to speed things up.


Now off to undo the damage and put the system back the way *I* want it, not the installer...


Does this software really need to be this much of a PITA to install?

No other software that I must use is...