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Life of a Packet in DPAA2 on LS1088?

Question asked by on Jan 8, 2019
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Hi All,


I am trying to understand few basic functionalities of DPAA2 on LS1088. 

Specifically, I am interested in understanding answers of following questions:


1) How to DMA the packets coming from a MAC in WRIOP to DDR? My understanding is that we can do this a in a number of ways. One way is configuring DPAA2 wit resttoolso that it can write the data on DMA. 


2) What is the life of a packet in DPAA2? 


3) Is there a simple example to program AIOP in C? There are a number of C apps (e.g., header manipulation) in the /usr/aiop/. I am looking for more a "Hello World" app for the AIOP.