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K28f example project dev_composite_cdc_vcom_cdc_vcom_bm can we instantiate more than two virtual COM ports?

Question asked by aes_mike on Jan 7, 2019
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I am playing around with the demo project  "dev_composite_cdc_vcom_cdc_vcom_bm" with supports two virtual com ports via USB.  I am wondering how to change the code to support four vcoms?  


I am asking this question in part to better understand the project and it would just be interesting to see this work!


Seems to me that in the usb_device_descriptor.c file that there needs to be more configuration definitions for the "usb_device_class_struct_t g_UsbDeviceCdcVcomConfig[2] " structure, but seems like there might be other things need to be changed.


Admittedly, I am new to the USB stack and trying to gain some understanding.