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Real Time extensions (RTAI ) for Coldfire MCF5485

Discussion created by Sudeep B on Jan 6, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2009 by Coray Tate
Hi all

I am Sudeep working at CDAC, Trivandrum, India. I am working with Freescale Coldfire Processor family MCFV4e (MCF5485).  We have purchased a development board 5485EVB from LogicPD. We have got Linux 2.6.25 running on the MCF5485 development board. 

We would like to know are there any real time extensions (RTAI) patch for Linux 2.6.25 available supporting freescale Coldfire MCFv4e (MCF5485) architecture ?

Sudeep Balan,