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IMXRT field updates/bootloader

Question asked by Jack King on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by Kerry Zhou



I am still trying to figure out the best solution for end-user updates of the IMXRT.  All of the current documented solutions are geared toward development or manufacturing, not end-users...


I found an application note for the LPC which covers the topic well, but I don't find any similar notes for the IMXRT:

USB In-System Programming with the LPC11U3X/LPC11U2X


Is there an example friendly PC utility for IMXRT that loads the flashloader and then writes the firmware image using ISP or using USB mass storage to allow the firmware file to be copied as a file into the device and update flash (DAP-Link?)


Also, is there a software/programmatic method to enable ISP and reset (without using external tact switches) similar to what is described in that application note?