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TDA8954 problem

Question asked by Kamil Gawroński on Jan 7, 2019


I have a problem with the TDA8954TH amplifier, after connecting the power supply, I burn the R2 resistor and DC appears on both outputs.

I tested on 7 IC, pcb checked several times for assembly errors.

Power supply +/- 40V

Integrated circuits ordered on ebay from china in August 2017. I suspect TDA8954 fakes. This offer is no longer available on eBay, but the title was:

10PCS TDA8954TH Encapsulation: HSOP24,2X150W class-D power amplifier # Q1186 ZX

In the annex, schematic diagram, pcb scheme and photo from the auction from tda8954.

Please check the correctness of the paths on the pcb.
Thank you in advance and best regards