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Incorrect port definitions in SDK for (at least) MPC5745R

Question asked by Joost Sannen on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Cezar Dobromir

I believe I have found a problem with the port definitions in the SDK for the MPC5745R.
From port PTK all pointers actually reference PTJ...


After applying the patch below things seem better. Could someone please confirm this is a bug and that my fix is correct and complete?




Index: MPC5745R_features.h
--- MPC5745R_features.h (revision 1053)
+++ MPC5745R_features.h (revision 1082)
@@ -1752,27 +1752,27 @@
/** Peripheral PTK base address */
#define PTK_BASE (0xFFFC1714u)
/** Peripheral PTK base pointer */
-#define PTK ((GPIO_Type *)PTJ_BASE)
+#define PTK ((GPIO_Type *)PTK_BASE)
/** Peripheral PTL base address */
#define PTL_BASE (0xFFFC1716u)
/** Peripheral PTL base pointer */
-#define PTL ((GPIO_Type *)PTJ_BASE)
+#define PTL ((GPIO_Type *)PTL_BASE)
/** Peripheral PTW base address */
#define PTW_BASE (0xFFFC1718u)
/** Peripheral PTW base pointer */
-#define PTW ((GPIO_Type *)PTJ_BASE)
+#define PTW ((GPIO_Type *)PTW_BASE)
/** Peripheral PTX base address */
#define PTX_BASE (0xFFFC171Au)
/** Peripheral PTX base pointer */
-#define PTX ((GPIO_Type *)PTJ_BASE)
+#define PTX ((GPIO_Type *)PTX_BASE)
/** Peripheral PTY base address */
#define PTY_BASE (0xFFFC171Cu)
/** Peripheral PTY base pointer */
-#define PTY ((GPIO_Type *)PTJ_BASE)
+#define PTY ((GPIO_Type *)PTY_BASE)
/** Peripheral PTZ base address */
#define PTZ_BASE (0xFFFC171Eu)
/** Peripheral PTZ base pointer */
-#define PTZ ((GPIO_Type *)PTJ_BASE)
+#define PTZ ((GPIO_Type *)PTZ_BASE)

/** Array initializer of GPIO peripheral base addresses */