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UART not working when external oscillator is removed

Question asked by ATHMESH NANDAKUMAR on Jan 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by ATHMESH NANDAKUMAR

I'm working on LPC1517 custom board. It worked when crystal oscillator was present on the board. After removing the crystal oscillator and selecting IRC as main clock for board, the UART is not working, 


NOTE: The main clock now after debug is 72 MHz.

             BRG value obtained for 115200 bauds is 39. 

             Used main clock rate as base for UART baud rate divider  

What modifications must be done in UART, for its working?


IDE : MCUXpresso

Controller : LPC1517


Thanks and Regards,

Athmesh Nandakumar

lpc1517uart clock external oscillator