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A question about "lwip_tcpecho" example based on KSDK2.5-FRDM-K64F

Question asked by Zhuangping Cui on Jan 7, 2019
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   I encountered a  question about "lwip_tcpecho" example based on KSDK2.5-FRDM-K64F, recently. I used a tcp tool  to test after the "lwip_tcpecho" example is programmed to the board. The tcp tool can get periodic data after a  tcp socket connection is established with periodic send option. However, Another socket connection can still establish since there is already running one.Moreover, the ethernet will broken after the later socket send several packets to the board. The previous socket will disconnet and It cannot ping to the board after the ethernet is broken. Is there any implict "accept" function to establish new socket connect? And send data throw new socket connect will destruct the ethernet?