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Issue with Hardware timestamp

Question asked by sankar salla on Jan 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by Yuri Muhin

Hi All,



we can feed 125MHz clock to ENET_REF_Clk in three ways

         Through EXTERNAL oscillator

         Through PHY

         Through GPIO_16


As per my hardware design ENET_REF_CLK(V22) is already connected to PHY(KSZ9031) CLK125_NDO/LED_MODE pin,

and Phy(KSZ9031) is generating 125 MHz clock and forwarding it to ENET_REF_CLK(V22).


KSZ9031 having some errata#2

The 125MHz reference clock (CLK125_NDO pin) output has duty cycle variation when the KSZ9031RNX links up in 1000Base-T Slave mode, resulting in wide variation on the falling clock edge.

for workaround, I had applied a patch from below link which Set KSZ9031RNX to always link up in 1000Base-T Master mode by setting register 9h, bits [12:11] to ‘11’.

But still I'm not able to sync the clock with hardware timestamp using ptp.


Am i missing some thing or ENET_REF_CLK(v22) needs any configurations to be done?

Unfortunately ENET_REF_CLk(V22) ball didn't came out  in my design to check whether clock is coming on to this ball.


Is there a way to check whether the clock is coming to ENET mac through software?


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