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lvds size is not right

Question asked by Cheng Chao on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2019 by Cheng Chao


i am using a sabresd board,my lvds resolution ratio is 1440*540,my camera is ov5642;

when i run the Qt app,the lvds works fine;

but when i run the lvds test program,i got some confusion,i have test the following commands :

1 /unit_tests/mxc_v4l2_overlay.out -iw 1280 -ih 720 -ow 1024 -oh 480 -m 0 -di /dev/video0 -bg

2 /unit_tests/mxc_v4l2_overlay.out -iw 1280 -ih 720 -ow 1280 -oh 480 -m 0 -di /dev/video0 -bg

the first command result: the screen show 1024*480 picture size from the camera capture,so it is right;

the second commandresult: the screen show a full screen picture size from the camera capture,i only want a 1280*408 output image,why it show a full screen;

then i used the hdmi monitor to take the same test,the result is as above;


it seems that

         when i set the output width less than 1024,the output image is just the right size as i had set;

         when i set the output width greater than 1024,the output image will be the seem size as the full screen,it is not what i want;

it should be not right,when i want the output image width size greater than 1024,but not a full screen size,how to make the right set;

         i am looking forward to your reply,and thank you very much