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IPC Implementation issue with all three Cores in LPC4367 (M4,M0Sub and M0App)

Question asked by Gaurav More on Jan 6, 2019
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I am using LPC4367 for the first time in one of the project. I want to use the IPC mechanism for sharing and tranfering the data between the cores. There are three cores in LPC4367 (M4, M0Sub, M0App). I have implemented IPC mechanism to send the data from M0Sub to M4  , M4 to M0Sub and From M0App to M4 and M4 to M0App. I am using IPC queue mechanism as suggested in the UM10503 manual. 

I am transfering the data from M0Sub and M4  at every 625uS and i have checked it is working fine when data is transfered from M0Sub to M4.

 I am tranfersing data from M0App to M4 and M4 is responding  to M0App after recieving the query from M0App. But here after some time means immediately the Status = IPC_tryPushMsg(g_st_msgRx.cpuid,&g_st_msgRx); is QUEUE_FULL. I am unable to find the issue since this is working fine with M0Sub and M4. 

Aso request you to please provide the sample code or source code for IPC mechanism implementation using three cores using IPC queue mechnism .Here i am using the Inerrupt mechanism of the queue. 

One more thing is that i am using same address location for trigering the M4 M0App and M0Sub  (0x20000000) As specified in UM10503 Manual.


#define SHARED_MEM_IPC_ 0x20000000

static struct ipc_queue *q_ipc = (struct ipc_queue *) SHARED_MEM_IPC_;


Request you to please provide the solution for the same since it is on very high prioroty.

I refered M4-M0 core synchronisation / lock mechanism using mutex or semaphore  since it the same issue but lititle different since it is related to RTOS.



Gaurav More