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USB OTG2: OTG 2.0 HID device

Question asked by Dhaval SHAH on Jan 6, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2019 by CarlosCasillas

Hi Team,


I am working on the i.MX8mqevk and using the morty(4.9.51 GA release) version of yocto.


I am planning to configure the USG OTG2 as a OTG 2.0 usb HID device using the Type A port instead of the Type C.


For this, I gone through the datasheet and TRM to get information of how the configuration of the USB OTG1 is done during the boot mode flash so that USB OTG1 is detected as the OTG 2.0 HID device.


Based on that I get the following information.

I got some information from section on page number 1356 in TRM it mentioned while system booting time ROM code is configure USB_OTG_ID pin. IOMUX configuration for USB The interface signals of the UTMI PHY are not configured in the IOMUX,, except for the USB_OTGn_ID pins. The USB ID pin function is configured using the USBNC_n_CTRL2[ID_DIG_SEL] and the IOMUXC_USB_OTGn_ID_SELECT_INPUT register. The remaining pins of the UTMI PHY interface use the dedicated contacts on the IC. 


ROM code will only do the configuration to the USB OTG1 during the boot mode flashing  to detect that port as 2.0 HID device on host side?

Or there is any other changes needs to be done from the firmware side to detect as 2.0 USB HID device on the Host side.


There is any role of the type C cable during the flash mode to detect as the 2.0 HID device. 


Please let me know if you need any more information from my side.


Thanks & Regards,