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Saber-SD Quad Android Performance

Question asked by Charles Ferguson on Jan 4, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2019 by gusarambula

Performance issue...


I have three Android tablets:

1. Saber-SD board with i.mx6 quad processor.

2. a dinky single-board computer with Samsung exynos 5422 processor (Odroid XU4).

3. industrial tablet running Intel N4200 ApolloLake processor.

All of them are on the same network. They all have about the same memory.


The i.mx6 is significantly slower than others. Significantly. YouTube videos look like they are running at reduced frame rate. Google Maps updates are slow enough to see individual map tiles populating the screen. I was expecting comparable performance from the imx6, especially when compared to the hobby-grade Odroid.


I thought the imx6 might be self-throttling for thermal management. So I attached a heat sink. No improvement.


I can't tell if the processor itself is slow or its network hardware. It is definitely not the LAN since all 3 boards are on the same LAN.


Any thoughts? How can I tell if all 4 processors are running? Anything special I need to do in Uboot or otherwise to crank up the performance?


Thanks in advance,