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Floating license with FlexLM server running on linux host

Question asked by Thomas Schäfer on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by Thomas Schäfer

We have purchased a floating license for CodeWarrior Development Suite for Networked Applications. For the license we want to use our existing FlexLM server application running on a CentOS 5.11 linux machine.


After installation the generated license.dat file on the server machine, flexlm service was restarted but was not able to integrate the license.dat file for the CodeWarrior suite. Obviously the appropriate vendor daemon is missing on the linux host.


I could only find the 'Floating License Installation Guide for Windows' on NXP site, so I wonder if FlexLM server for CodeWarrior Suite is only supported on Windows hosts?


Or is there a way to use our existing FlexLM server on the linux machine?


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