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Reset Configuration World(RCW) PLL ratio not affecting SYSCLK Frequency Value

Question asked by vinothkumar s on Jan 3, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2019 by vinothkumar s

Hi All,


I am confused about the SYSCLK_FREQ rcw value on the T4160RDB and I referred the T4240RM.pdf for RCW filed discription.



Here is the hard-coded RCW value for T4160RDB:

Reset Configuration Word (RCW):
Data.Set DBG:0x01000000 0x1406000F
Data.Set DBG:0x01000001 0x0A080808
Data.Set DBG:0x01000002 0x00000000
Data.Set DBG:0x01000003 0x00000000
Data.Set DBG:0x01000004 0x6C6E2848
Data.Set DBG:0x01000005 0x30548c00
Data.Set DBG:0x01000006 0xFC02F000
Data.Set DBG:0x01000007 0x1D000000
Data.Set DBG:0x01000008 0x00000000
Data.Set DBG:0x01000009 0xEE0000EE
Data.Set DBG:0x0100000A 0x00000000
Data.Set DBG:0x0100000B 0x000307FC
Data.Set DBG:0x0100000C 0x00000000
Data.Set DBG:0x0100000D 0x00000000
Data.Set DBG:0x0100000E 0x00000000
Data.Set DBG:0x0100000F 0x00000008


the RCW value we are using is  Data.Set DBG:0x01000000  0x1406000F
1406000F -> 1406 -> 0001 0100 0000 0110
2-6 is 0_1010 ie system PLLratio is 10:1. platform clock is 10X SYS_CLK = 666.66MHZ
10-15 is 00_0110 is DDR PLL ratio is 12:1. DDR rate is 12X DDR clock = 12 x 133.33 = 1600



;Calculation of UART settings for 115200Bd

;Get PLL ratio from RCW for correct DUART settings


Please give some detailed explanation for find uart baud rate by rcw pll ratio.


What could be the issue?



Thanks, VinothS