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MPC5554 Internal Flash Error (when erasing)

Question asked by Jerry Au on Jan 2, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2019 by Lukas Zadrapa



I am coming across a "bus error" in my Trace32 debugger (and subsequent data exception) when a portion of my code is trying to erase the high address block (0x80000) of the internal flash on the MPC5554.  


This only occurs with two examples of my hardware.  Many other cards (hundreds) running the same code does not experience this problem.  Just wondering if anyone has come across this situation and if there was a fix/explanation for this?  



I've come across another thread that is somewhat related: 


My first instinct was a bad MMU setting etc, but the overwhelming majority of hardware we have come across have no issues, so I tend to believe my code is OK and think this is a unique situation isolated to these cards.


Appreciate any help.  Thanks in advance,