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eth0 tx fail for bsc9132

Question asked by Wang xiaobin on Jan 4, 2019


    Recently, we encountered an abnormal problem with the ethernet eth0.

it can't send packets but can receive packets. We analyzed and found:

1、The interrupt eth0_g_tx has no changed;

2、Transmit status register (eTSECx_TSTAT) always is 00 00 ff 00
3、kernel code sch_generic.c-->dev_watchdog Masked timeout processing logic

if (some_queue_timedout) {
                char drivername[64];
                WARN_ONCE(1, KERN_INFO "NETDEV WATCHDOG: %s (%s): transmit queue %u timed out\n",
                       dev->name, netdev_drivername(dev, drivername, 64), i);
                /* dev->netdev_ops->ndo_tx_timeout(dev); */

My questions:

1、Under what conditions will this problem occur?

2、Is the timeout processing to solve this problem?

3、Is the chip itself defective?