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RT1050 Temperature Monitor Panic Temperature

Question asked by Michael Smorto on Dec 31, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2019 by Michael Smorto

I have been working with SDK example for temperature monitoring and now working on a barebones version.  I have a few questions on what happens when the Panic Temperature Threshold is breached.

  1. According to the manual when the Panic Alarm is tripped the IRQ panic bit should be set in CCM_ANALOG_MISC1 register and looks like in the PMU_MISC1 register as well.  Bit is 27 according to the reference manual.  Am I correct so far.  If I am then this bit never seems to get set only the High Temp alarm bit gets set.
  2. Then from what I understand if the panic bit gets set it should trip a system reset with the SRC_SRSR bit 8 indicating that the system was reset due to the temperature.

So I guess what this question boils down to is why the panic bit is never getting set and the system doesn't reset.  Also, if you have an example of how this should work can you please share.


Respectfully and happy new year.