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Network filter running on m4

Question asked by Ladislav Sopko on Dec 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2019 by Ladislav Sopko


I have imx8mq-evk. I build linux with dnf repos, and I have fully functional board with os running on.

I have ssh access to it too, so I can easily manage linux side from the net. But.

I need realtime network traffic management, but im afraid that linux scheduler will be my problem.

Is there any possibility to move network management to rtos? There is no enet driver in sdk for my board.

I found sources for ethernet, mii, mac, ip, tcp around in the internet, but it seems to me not shortest path to go.

Can some one tell me how to manage network traffic from M4 instead of main cpus?

Is it possible that linux running on main will share net devices with m4 cpu?

Can I run rtos together with linux in the same time?

I'm new in this world, any advice to what I need study will be appreciated.

Regards Ladislav.