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How to use "EmbeddedUART" for serial output?

Question asked by Frak Nuaimy on Dec 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2019 by Eric Maurice

Using the Rapid-Iot-Studio Web UI only (not MCUXpresso):


- How do I use the EmbeddedUART element in the Embedded view of the Web UI to connect to say my laptop or a R.Pi?

I am talking about this component : 


All I want to do is to send serial messages to a console. Is that possible? Is there an example WebUI project that utilizes this element? What are the the Baud settings?  etc.


I would expect that the USB Cable to the Laptop would be a tty device I could use for serial access. I shouldn't have to have a Docking Station for something as trivial as serial logs.


- Does this device support serial over Bluetooth to a device other than the mobile app? 

If so, how do I enable and use it?


Thank you.