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ECSPI in i.MX6 is not work with Burst Mode when CS pin was set to SS.

Question asked by mas sohy on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by igorpadykov

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I am try to use ECSPI3 and ECSPI4 on i.MX6Q as SPI master device. When I use them, if I set CS pin to SS, then SPI CS signal was deactivated after each byte. But if I set CS pin to GPIO, then SPI CS signal was activated continuously while transmitting.


I think, if I want CS signal to be activated continuously, then I should set SPI clock with adding 1. But after I set it, then SPI CS signal was deactivated after each byte.


Q1. When I use ECSPI on i.MX6, Is it official usage that I use CS pin setting to GPIO not SPI SS?


Q2. When I used ECSPI4 setting CS pin to GPIO, I tried to communication to slave device on SPI with DMAC, I got I/O error at RX DMA. If I want to use SPI with DMA, then should I not set CS pin to GPIO?


Q3. Does i.MX6 have any difference between ECSPI3 and ECSPI4?


Q4. When I use ECSPI in i.MX6, then should I patch to my source code with this post “native cs and gpio cs in spi - imx6 “?

   I think, if I use ECSPI with burst mode, then I must patch it.


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