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Linker script for Flash/SDRAM code?

Question asked by Mariano Renzi on Dec 28, 2018
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Straight to the point. I want to execute code from Flash AND External RAM. Both parts compiled separately. How can this be achieved? 


I've been working with LPC1768 some years now, and I have a simple bootloader that reads the new firmware from an SPI flash and writes it into the internal Flash, then replaces the VTOR and jumps into the "user app".


The project grew (RAM-wise) and we ported to LPC1788 (LPC4088 in the near future). Now I would like to implement a more complex bootloader, splitting the whole solution into 3 or 4 parts: bootloader, OS, drivers and application. All parts except the application will run on internal Flash, but I would like the application to be loaded from some external memory (EMC external Flash, SPIFI, USB, SD, etc) into the SDRAM, and be executed from there.


The thing is the user application will be calling to OS and driver methods, and I can't figure out how all parts are going to be linked. 


Any information will be really appreciated.