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Here is a bug in the S32's startup_S32K148.S file?

Question asked by on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2019 by stanish


      Read the following source code , I am not sure whether it's a bug in the line6 and line 7?


      I doubt, if __RAM_END -  __RAM_START = 1, the ble will skip to .LC5. So, the byte can't be initialized.


/* Init ECC RAM */
ldr r1, =__RAM_START
ldr r2, =__RAM_END
subs r2, r1
subs r2, #1
ble .LC5
movs r0, 0
movs r3, #4
str r0, [r1]
add r1, r1, r3
subs r2, 4
bge .LC4