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LPC54628 OM13098 Wakeup from Deep Sleep/Deep Power Down

Question asked by Santosh balakrishnan on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by Santosh balakrishnan


I am trying to run SDK Example power_manager_lpc on OM13098 dev board. I am attempting to validate whether wakeup works from deep sleep or deep power down on these devices. I am at a loss on how to validate this, and am getting a creeping suspicion that deep sleep does not work on these devices. I would appreciate if this could be confirmed so that i don't need to waste my time trying to figure this out. 


Running power_manager_lpc on OM13098.

IDE - MCU Xpresso 10.3

Project imported with no change. Menu displayed on semi-host console in the IDE.  Sleep mode seems to be working ok. Power management graphing in the IDE is not working.

When i press option 2 - Deep sleep mode debugger connection is lost - as one might expect, but am not sure how i am supposed to validate whether the controller wakes up at all?