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How to use iMXRT1050 MQS?

Question asked by Abner Wang on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2019 by Abner Wang

How to use the MQS module with SAI in iMXRT1050, any examples I can get? I'm not very clear about its mechanism.

I notice this chip's MQS clock is from sai3_root_clock, and I want use SAI1 and MQS, so do I must configure sai1 and sai3's root clock then enable sai1 and mqs clock gating(CCGR) to use them? 

And one thing I'm very confused, how the three SAI module connnect to MQS, do they use the same channel to MQS? Is that one time I can only use one SAI output signal to MQS, how to control it? Is that when I use MQS and SAI, I just configure MQS_LEFT or RIGHT pin, the SAI1 pin is not needed.