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LF RF communication FXTH870xD - MRB-KW019030JA

Question asked by daeseon kim on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2019 by daeseon kim

I'm using MRB-KW019030JA with (MKW01_IAR7v4_Project_TPMS_Rev0.6) project, also I have FXTH870xD sensor module But I recently realized that MRB-KW019030, MRB-KW019032 has different crystal.

MRB-KW019030 has 30Mhz and the other has 32Mhz.

unfortunately the project recommand KW019032 and I have only KW019030 I have no idea how to modify the source code I just found this


//#define USE_32MHZ_CLKO //Enable this macro when using a 32MHZ crystal fed to the MKW01Z128CHN
#define USE_30MHZ_CLKO //Enable this macro when using a 30MHz crystal fed to the MKW01Z128CHN


in derivative.h so I fix it to 30Mhz 

could somebody tell me how to fix this code more to fit on my MRB-KW019030?