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How to understand the output of the toolchain's size tool?

Question asked by on Dec 27, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2018 by Erich Styger

Following is the output of the size tool.


My question is: Why the sections below the .stack are all started from the address 0x0?

D:\code\BCM1x_A_Sample\Debug\BCM1x_A_Sample.elf :
section size addr
.interrupts 0x400 0x0
.flash_config 0x10 0x400
.text 0x16b90 0x410
.interrupts_ram 0x400 0x1ffe0000
.data 0xcf4 0x1ffe0400
.code 0x0 0x1ffe10f4
.bss 0x14e68 0x20000000
.heap 0x400 0x20014e68
.stack 0x400 0x2001ec00
.ARM.attributes 0x30 0x0
.debug_info 0x8776d 0x0
.debug_abbrev 0x8368 0x0
.debug_aranges 0x3868 0x0
.debug_ranges 0x38e0 0x0
.debug_macro 0x1f15c 0x0
.debug_line 0x21ca9 0x0
.debug_str 0xb5a6b 0x0
.comment 0xa0 0x0
.debug_frame 0xe57c 0x0
Total 0x1c91d5