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Android, PN547 and dual-interface cards

Question asked by Timo Joonas on Dec 27, 2018
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We have a problem accessing the emulated Mifare Classic card on dual-mode smartcards that are working as a contactless EMV card and also as a Mifare Classic cards.

The card is detected as ISO/IEC-14443-4 card, so the RATS is sent out by the reader automatically and therefore the card is switched from 14443-3 mode to 14443-4 mode which leads the Classic part inaccessible.


Is there a way to tell the reader to disable automatic ISO/IEC-14443-3 to ISO/IEC-14443-4 switching, or is there a method to "go back" from 14443-4 mode once the card is already there?

Or is there any other way to access emulated Classic card on such dual-mode cards?



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