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imx6 low power mode wakeup and reset

Question asked by zhang jie on Dec 26, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 28, 2018 by igorpadykov



my new board is using imx6sllevk , the power supply and the main peripheral component the same as MCIMX6SLL-EVK-Schematics.


i make the system sleep

when i use ttymxc0 to wake up system. sometimes it can wakeup normally, sometimes it just reset the system.

it seems that the longer time it sleep, it increased risk for reset

and uboot showed the reset cause is POR.


besides, i find some trouble.

1. i can "reboot" the system by ttymxc0 successfully,

but when i use reset button , it can not reset the system. at the same time , the ttymxc0 also can not work. the system look seemed halted. I can only reset the system by power on again.

2. next i check the reset button.

it can work during the u-boot, kernel start process. but it can not work since the login.


can you give me some advice about  how to fix it?